West Seattle Strength is a team-based workout program that ranges in exercises using bodyweight to barbells;  it’s functional Strength and Conditioning, guaranteeing results through a very meticulous and planned out process. The initial twelve weeks of the program focus on developing excellent technique while increasing strength and improving body composition. This is not your typical one-size-fits-all program because it’s customized to your needs – the intensities of each exercise are selected based on the capabilities of each student. At the beginning or end of each twelve-week cycle we will test ourselves to determine current fitness aptitude and progress, which then determines the training loads and intensities for the subsequent weeks.

Your primary objective at West Seattle Strength isn’t just to sweat and get a workout in; you’re learning a skillset – the true goal is to develop and reinforce technical proficiency. This is imperative for progress and injury prevention. Once you can demonstrate that you can push, pull, throw, and jump, you have the tools needed to take on any challenge…whatever you want. This could be anything from competing in a tournament, playing a new sport, or something as simple as taking out the trash. Each week we are striving to become a more capable, athletic, and pain-free version of ourselves through learning a new skillset and having fun.

West Seattle Strength isn’t just about fitness, or learning how to move your body – there are other areas to consider as well, because we are about a healthy lifestyle, in and out of the gym. The first place to start is ensure that we are eating the right things and the correct quantity. Monitoring our intake is vital to guaranteeing that we are getting the most out of the hard work we are putting in at the gym. Furthermore, we will focus on decreasing stress, improving the quality of your sleep, give you a roadmap to staying active outside of the gym, and homework to improve your range of motion and flexibility. All of these key points are crucial to your overall health and well-being outside of the gym, and this is what West Seattle Strength is about.


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