When you join the Strength & Conditioning program at Combat Arts Academy, you aren’t just breaking a sweat and getting a good workout – you are honing a skillset. By developing and improving on your current ability to perform any number of functional movements (push, pull, throw, jump, etc.), you increase your ability to take on any challenge, regardless of the arena. Each class we are striving to become a more capable and pain-free version of ourselves, all while having some fun.

The S&C program is designed to allow new members to jump in at any time, regardless of experience level. Correct form is imperative for both injury prevention and rehabilitation, as well as seeing the most progress from your efforts. Every workout can be modified to meet you where you currently are, while still challenging you to grow, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Whether you are using lifting to supplement other activities, pursuing your strongest barbell movements, or looking to stay as active as possible for as long as possible, we look forward to showing how strength and conditioning can help. Our S&C coaches are there to help you every step of the way: from encouraging you to push yourself the extra mile, to supporting you if and when injury strikes, to discussing the importance of rest and recovery, we are excited to help you achieve your goals.


S&C Schedule